OB Tracker

Comprehensive obstetrical date calculator and patient tracker loved by physicians, nurses, and midwives all over the world!

Patient tracking

  • Quick reference of upcoming, past-due, and postpartum patients.
  • Full details of each patient, including fully customizable metrics and important dates such as expected length/weight, trimester start/end, etc.
  • Easy entry of patient details using standard touch controls.


  • Securely sync patients and settings across all your devices using the iCloud account you already trust.

Collaboration with colleagues

  • Securely share patients with colleagues via iCloud.
  • Changes made to shared patients will be immediately reflected on other devices. * Requires iCloud.

Purchase options

  • Free to try with 10-patient limit.
  • Monthly or annual subscription required to remove patient limit.
  • Prices vary by region and are listed in App Store under Information > In-App Purchases.
  • Subscription automatically renews 24 hours prior to expiration. Auto-renew can be turned off in the Settings app which allows subscription to expire at end of current period.

Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

Questions, comments, concerns

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