Building Apps with Swift since 2015

My name is Jeffrey Fulton and I'm a software developer specializing in the Swift programming language.

While I primarily build native iOS apps, I also build server-side swift applications like the one you're looking at right now! That's right, this site uses the Vapor web framework written entirely in Swift.

Professional Experience

I have been developing native iOS apps professionally since 2015 using Swift, Xcode, Cocoa Touch, TestFlight, and related technologies.

Some of these apps were written and deployed to the App Store exclusively by me including Bilirubin, OB Wheel, and OB Tracker.

Others have been existing apps for companies like SkipTheDishes, ID Fusion, and 1Life where I worked with a team adding features and fixing bugs.

And still others have been super secret internal prototypes for companies like Of course I'm legally prohibited from discussing the details so you'll have to take my word for it. 😉

Conferences & Workshops

Big Nerd Ranch: Advanced iOS Bootcamp

Five days of intensive workshops covering numerous advanced iOS topics such as Image Processing, Face Detection, OAuth 2, Multi-Threading, and too many more to list. I can't recommend this bootcamp enough.

RWDevCon 2017

Three days of hands-on sessions including Advanced App Architecture, Machine Learning on iOS, Swift Memory Management, Server Side Swift with Perfect, and many more.

Community Involvement

Learn Swift Winnipeg

As a past organizer of Learn Swift Winnipeg I frequently presented on various Swift and iOS related technologies including MapKit, CoreLocation, Custom UI Transitions, Unit Testing, Application Architecture, and most recently Machine Learning!

Code Contributions

My GitHub account is full of public repos I hope others will find useful or interesting. I also push all code presented at Learn Swift Winnipeg to our GitHub organization.

I've recently gained a decent amount of reputation points on StackOverflow It's mostly the result of a single answer but I feel pretty good about it anyhow!

SwiftCoders Podcast

I was honored to be interviewed on the SwiftCoders podcast. Listen to the episode here to learn more about me as a person and as a developer.