OB Wheel

Quick, accurate, easy-to-use obstetrical date calculator designed by family physician Dr. Émilie Coudière. Calculate pregnancy dates from LMP, ultrasound, conception, or EDD. Determine gestational age as of any date. Track pregnancies and postpartum patients.

Quickly calculate:

  • Pregnancy dates from LMP, ultrasound, conception, or EDD.
  • Patient's gestational age as of today.
  • Gestational age on future date — i.e. How many weeks will my patient be on June 15th?
  • Date of future gestational age — i.e. When will my patient be 28 weeks?

Quickly save:

  • Patients' dates by simply adding a name.
  • Add quick notes to patients — i.e. Rh, GBS, GTPAL, etc.
  • Add delivery date to track postpartum patients.

Quickly reference:

  • Previously saved patients.
  • List of upcoming deliveries.
  • List of postpartum patients.

That's it. One screen. Super simple. Enjoy!

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